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The Association was established on December 23, 1951. It was when The Association of health workers was founded during the Assembly on the Military and Medical Academy in Belgrade. The first president of the Association was Nikola Stanković, a medical technician. MUP of the Republic of Serbia registered the Association in 1952.


The first congress was held in 1957. in Niska banja . 3603 members were registered then. The Association changed its name into the Association of Health workers of Serbia and it happened on December, 20. 1959. .The Headquarter was in 5, Mose Pijade Street in Belgrade. The Association was part of the Socialistic Association of working people.


Various kinds of professional skills were developed in 1964, the same year when these sections were formed:


  • The section for physical therapy and medical rehabilitation
  • The section for preventive care
  • The section for health care of mother and child
  • The section for mental health
  • The section for technicians in laboratory
  • The section for sanitary technicians
  • The section for nurses was formed in 1971. on Jastrebac


In May, 1972, the Parliament of the Association decided that May and October gatherings of health workers would be held in Vrnjacka banja.


Regional associations have been formed since 1975 in order to be in connection with the health service of the region. Until then the Association was a part of the Socialistic Association of working people. The preparations for reorganization and constitution on the delegate system and the first Parliament was held in 1975, when the Association changed its Statute and the form of its organization again. The first groups of students went to England and Denmark with the help of SZO.


The Association made some changes in the Statute, during the assembly of the Parliament in Vrnjacka banja on March, 30, 2008. 30.03.2008. It was registered in the Ministry of state and local autonomy of the Republic of Serbia.


The formations of Professional Societies were made and worked from 1981. until 2008.


  • The association of nurses and technicians - founded in June, 1988. (there were workshops before). Mirjana Savićević from Begrade was selected for the first president, and the first secretary was Mirjana Antonijević. 18 profile workshops were formed. Mirjana Stamenović was the second president, Milijana Matijević followed (1995), and the secretary was Zorica Vasiljevic. Then, next presidents were as it follows: Snežana Miljković, Rada Medvedev, again Snežana Miljković, VD presidents were Bosa Gojković and Nadica Ikić. One of the presidents was Milunka Nikolić, too. Nowadays, the VD presidents is Siniša Đurđević from Niša. The association of nurses and technicians which is a part of ICN (International Council of Nurses of the world). It happened on May 22, 2005,in Taipei,Taiwan,as a regular 127. member of the Nurses of the world. With the change of the status of the state in 2006, the CNR in Ženeva confirmed the continuity of the Association’s membership in ICN. That’s how it became the National Association and the National Representative of our country in the Associations of Nurses of the world. The national representative in CNR, of the Nurses of the world is Md Radmila Nešić, the president of the Associations.
    The Association of nurses and technicians of Serbia, changed its name into The Associations of nurses- technicians and midwives of Serbia. .
  • The Society of the laboratory technicians of Serbia they started their meetings in 1950. The Section of laboratory technicians was founded in 1954. and the first selected president was Sava Petković. The sections grew into The Association of laboratory technicians in 1985. Tomislav Ćorić Deni was selected for its president. Then, Miodrag Vitorović from VMA Beograd was the president for two mandates.
    Today the president of the Association was Jelica Perović,viši a laboratory assistant from the Institute for oncology and radiology from Belgrade.
  • The Society of the sanitary technicians of Serbia started working as a section in 1952. The first president was Predrag Ristić. The work of the Section stopped for a while, and activated again in 1971. That year Milica Mirković was selected for the president. 1980. it became the Association. The president was Jelena Tubić, then Gordana Ristić- Milenković. Today the president is Miloš Lukić, Sremska Mitrovica.
    In 2008, it changed its name into Association of sanitary technicians and engineers of Serbia..
  • The Associations of pharmaceutical technicians of Serbia began its work as a section in 1967. The first president was Mihailo Perić. In Vrnjačka banji the Section grew the Association and chose Nada Jurdana for its president. Her successor was Dragica Kovačević, but now Vesna Isaković is the president.
  • The Association of dental technicians of Serbia was founded on Zlatibor, on October 23, 1986. It was formed out of the sections for dental technicians and the first prsident was Ratka Koprivica. Dragan Aleksić from Trstenik is now the president.
  • The Society of the dieticians from Serbia was founded out of the Section that was formed in 1991, inside the Association. The first president of the section was Dušan Paunović, and then, in 1993. the Association was formed on Zlatibor. The first president was Dana Obradović. Slavica Stanojević from Zaječar is the president of the Association at the moment.
  • The Society of physiotherapists and occupational therapists from Serbia – It was first founded in 1956. godine and the first president was Vera Božinović. In 1990. it became a member of the Association of Serbia as the Association of physiotherapists and occupational therapists. In 2001, one group came out of the Association, and its leader was Radmilo Denić from Prokuplje. Dejan Despotović, physiotherapist from Belgrade is now the president.
  • The Association of the radiologic technicians from Serbia was founded in 1997. Goran Dimitrijević from Leskovac is its president today


  • Gold charter of the Association
  • The charter of the Association
  • The golden acknowledgement of the Association
  • The acknowledgement of the Association
  • Diploma of the Association
  • The acknowledgements of the profile sections
  • Golden and silver sign of the Society of nurses and midwives, the best nurse and midwife in the year before (it is given at the Academy apropos May 12, international day for nurses of the world)
  • Golden and silver sign of the Association