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The activity is going on through CE (continual education) and organizing professional seminars- gatherings:


  • congresses every four years
  • conferences
  • counselling
  • symposium of health workers (meetings in May and October)
  • educational seminars
  • workshops
  • courses
  • study travels


The Association has its part in national programmes which consider the protection of special groups of citizens: invalids, mentally retarded people, children and youth, the elders, mothers, infants, pregnant women, etc.

It also is a part of making and deciding about the work methodology in health, for every professional discipline, and a standard norm, which it proposes to the Ministry of Health, to the Government, etc.

It organizes schools for special professional elaboration of health workers, especially nurses ( paediatrics, chemathology, nefrology, patronage, etc).

It studies the problems for professional elaboration of health workers, it suggests adequate resolvings and regulations.

It presents the nurses of Serbia all over the world, it is a national representative of NNA of our country.


  • Bulletin (guideline) – three times a year, first edition in 1955.
  • bilten maj 2002.

    May 2002.

    bilten maj 2002.

    July/August 2002.

  • Magazine "Nurse’s mirror"
  • Corpus of professional practice, after every professional gathering
  • Technical brochures – dedicated to anniversaries in health
  • Propaganda material for professional gatherings - posters, working programmes, notifications
  • Press conferences in Media centre
  • Taking part in TV and radio showes
  • Daily release
  • Professional books of the authors who are members of the Association
  • Translations of professional books, at the recommendation of the ICN
  • Monographs


  • Businesses that consider work market and empolyment of health workers in the country and abroad
  • It gives and accredits the acknowledgements obout the membership in the Association and the necessary documentation for employing their members in abroad
  • Appear for their members (if they ask) in front of the organs and others for getting their legal rights


  • schools and faculties for education of health personnel
  • state organs and institutions
  • health organizations
  • similar professional associations in the country and abroad
  • labour unions
  • Red cross
  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • ICN (International Council of Nurses)
  • Humanitarian organizations